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What is the most common access to the internet TODAY?

Through a mobile device! The best user experience on a mobile device is through a Mobile App.

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As a business owner you cannot escape the impact mobile has had on business communication. Already more than 50% of mobile internet searches are being done via a mobile device. Your customers have made the shift to smart devices, and it has rapidly become their "go to" place for information, recommendations, referrals and research for everything. For many industries 2012 is the tipping point year their marketing has been forced to shift to mobile. What is your mobile strategy? How are you taking advantage of the unstoppable shift in communication?

  • There are now more smartphones in the market than PCs'
  • There will be over 2 billion connected mobile devices by 2015
  • There were 1.3 billion phone app downloads just on Christmas Day
  • There were over 70 million tablet sales just in 2011

Social applications are now the fastest growing segment of the mobile internet. Mobile apps and mobile websites allow you to reach out to customers in ways that were not even possible before. They allow you to both build better relationships with existing customers and help you introduce yourself to new customers. Chances are that as you read this, you have your smartphone within 6 feet of you right now. Well, so do your customers!

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