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comF5 Products

Each product offered by comF5 is designed to make you stand out, to be remembered by your consumer, and allow your message to be better understood.


Advanced Marketing and Communications System

officePRO provides an easy-to-use system with many powerful features. It's loaded with all the features you need most to communicate in your world - very simple email, social, and text marketing, officePRO comes out of the box loaded with user-friendly video features. Additionally, there are built-in advance marketing capabilities so as you grow in ability and need, you will not have to change systems. officePRO can be used by a single person or an entire team.



Get Started With Your Custom Mobile App Today.

By leveraging the experience from our long history of over ten years of working with small businesses and entrepreneurs, we are able to get ahead of the shift to mobile marketing. We have taken most of the confusion (and cost) out of providing small businesses with their own customized phone apps. We develop our apps in iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android, and Mobile Website formats to ensure you reach your target customer’s mobile world. The best part...we do all of the work for you.


We are moving beyond the age of sharing anything with everyone, and into the age of sharing things that matter with people that matter.
(Source: Thrive Marketing)



Text Message Marketing and More

Everyone now has a cell phone or a smartphone. Texting has become one of the fastest growing forms of communication in telecommunication history! Many research firms point to open rates that exceed 80% within the first 5 minutes of delivery, the potential for responsive communication is staggering.




Private and Personal Mobile Apps with built in private social networks!
With each of the over 400 million global smartphone users averaging 26 apps on their phone, it makes sense that at least one of those apps actually is their own app and is about the human connections that matter most to them. The John Doe Family, can now have a private John Doe Family mobile APP!



live multi-media and interactive chat

The only thing more exciting than video is LIVE VIDEO! presenterPRO gives you the power of live video to use in your arsenal of communication. Whether 1 on 1 or 1 to thousands, presenterPRO gives you the power to broadcast. Crystal clear video is only just a few clicks away with presenterPRO.